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Concept of Grouping
Sum of angles of a quadrilateral
Pegboard - for Geometry
a/Sin A = b/Sin B = c/Sin C = 2R
Distance of a point from a plane
Lepto, Messo, Platic & Kurtic
Normal Probability Curve
Geometric Meaning of ?a (b? x ?c)
Geometric Meaning of ?a x b?
Geometric Meaning of ?a - b?
Three Dimensional Geometry
Construction of Parabola
Maximum & Minimum
Lagrange's Mean Value Theorem
Discontinuity of Functions
Defects in Inductive Methods
Tangent at a Point
Length of a Tangent
May I say your age?
Construction of Ellipse
Change of Axis
Trigonometric Ratios (Circular)
Sum of Reciprocal of two Numbers / Harmonic Mean
Sine & Cosine Machine
Secant Machine
Cosecant Machine
Konigsberg Bridge problem
De-Morgan's Law
Two Dimensional Geometry
Tangent Machine
Geometric Multiplication / Geometric Division
Graph Board
Geometric Mean < Arithmetic Mean
Trisection of angles Tomahawk
Solutions of Linear Equations
Shapes and Figures 2D and 3D
Areas of triangles with a point inside the triangle
Intercepts of Equidistant Parallel Lines - Divide a line segment to specific no. of equal parts
Sum of first n Natural Numbers
Radius of Earth
Factorization of Polynomials
Fibonacci Series
Properties of Tangents & Secants
Parabola for GM and Square Root
Square Root of a Number
Combinations of models of 2D
Why They are not Congruent
Sum of first n Odd Numbers
Pascal's Triangles
Trigonometric Ratios (< 90)
Theorems in Circle
Solution of Quadratic Equations
Construction of Triangle with equal area of a quadrilateral
Midpoint Theorem
Thales Theorem
64 = 65 Puzzle
40 Bottles - 41 Bottles
Dissection of Square - Puzzle
Solids by Paper Folding
Solid (Euler's Formula)
Net of Square Pyramid
Net of Solids
Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon
Sum of angles of Polygons (Method II)
Sum of angles of Polygons (Method I)
Cyclic Quadrilateral
Tangent Segment Theorem
Properties of a Chord of a Circle
Frustum of a Square Pyramid
Section of a Triangular Prism
Section of a Square Prism
Volume of a Triangular Prism
Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Volume of a Cylinder
Volume of a Sphere
Volume of a Hemisphere
Volume of a Cone
TSA of a Cuboid
Surface Area of a Cylinder
Surface Area of Octagonal Prism
Surface Area of Hexagonal Prism
Surface Area of Pentagonal Prism
Surface Area of a Square Prism
Surface area of a Rectangle Prism
Surface area of a square Pyramid
Surface area of a cube
Surface area of a Sphere
Surface Area of a Cone
Square Area 1/2 - 1/2
Relation connecting the area of similar triangles
Area of triangles between parallel lines
Area of quadrilateral with same base and height
Area of triangle with same base and height
Area of Sector
Area of Quadrilateral
Area of Kite
Area of Rhombus
Area of a Trapezium
Area of a triangle
Area of Annular Ring
Area of a Circle
Concurrent lines in a triangle - Centroid
Concurrent lines in a triangle - In Centre
Concurrent lines in a triangle - Circum Centre
Concurrent lines in a triangle - Ortho Centre
Congruency of triangles (RHS)
Congruency of triangles (ASA)
Congruency of triangles (SAS)
Congruency of triangles (SSS)
Similarity of triangle (AAA)
Algebraic Identity (a + b + c)3
Algebraic Identity a3 - b3
Algebraic Identity a3 + b3
Algebraic Identity (a - b)3
Algebraic Identity (a +b)3
Algebraic Identity (a + b + c)2
Algebraic Identity a2 - b2 = (a + b) (a - b)
Algebraic Identity (a+ b)2 = a2 +2ab + b2
Algebraic Identity (x + a) (x + b)
Algebraic Identity a(b +c) = ab + ac
Square to rectangle paradox
Figures obtained by joining midpoints of a quadrilateral
Activities in paper folding (Polygon)
Set Theory - (Intersection, Compliment etc.)
Railway Track Puzzle
Activities in paper folding (Angles)
Graph Board - Axis Game
Pyramidal Numbers - Square
Triangular Numbers, Square Numbers
Pentagonal Numbers & Hexagonal Numbers
Pentominoes - Puzzle
Proof of Pythagoras Theorem II
Proof of Pythagoras Theorem I
Properties of Parallellogram
Triangle Puzzle
T Puzzle
Number Puzzle
Operations of Decimal Numbers
Angles Around a Point
Verification of Pythagoras Theorem
Linear Pairs
Parallel Ruler
Parallel lines intersected by a transversal
Construction of Triangles - Basic concept (Triangular Inequality)
Exterior Angles of a Triangle
Types of Triangles by sides and angles
Concept of Volume
Magic Square (Prime Numbers)
Factor Game
Mathematical Operations of positive and negative numbers
Properties of Addition & Multiplication
Geo Board - Circular
Numerals Through Angles
Similarity & Congruence
Measuring Jars
Weight Puzzle
Metric Systems
Horse Puzzle
Prime Numbers - Eratosthenes
Triangle Puzzle Numbers
Magic Square 5 x 5
Magic Square 4 x 4
Magic Square 3 x 3
Magic Stars
Number Chain - Division
Multiplication Table
Number Chain - Multiplication
Number chain - Subtraction
Number Chain - Addition
Abacus Subacus
Abacus Chinese
Abacus - II
Addition Number Net
Patterns - Number
Patterns - Pictures
Number stars
Step Up/Step Down
Greater or Less
Concept of Number
Concept of Grouping
Functions InTo
Function OnTo
Functions One - One
Functions Many One
Rotation of Axes
Translation of Axes
Directions - Cosines
Conical Sections
Linear Combination of Vectors
Frustum of a cone
Concept of Pi
Volume of a Cuboid
Golden Ratio
Sum of exterior angles of a polygon
Sum of Arithmetic Progression
Surface Area of a Hemisphere
Irrational Numbers
Algebraic Identity (a-b)2
Area of a Parallelogram
Tangram - 7 pieces
Pyramidal Numbers - Triangles
Sum of angles of a triangle
Regular and Irregular figures
Soma Cube Puzzle
Proof of pythagorus theorem - 3
Concept of Area
HCF- Using Number Plates
LCM- Using Number Plates
Fractional Kit
Geo Board - Square
Tangram- 5 pieces
Fractions- Half & Quarter
Abacus- Vertical
Roman Number Kit
Concept of Division
Multiplication of 9
Multiplication ring
Number Chain
Multiplication using Sticks
H & T game
Placement of Numbers
Napier Sticks for multiplication
Dummy Currency Notes
Base value & Place value
Number Pocket
Addition Made easy
Guess & Count
CERT Educational Research & Training
CERT Educational Research & Training (CERT) Private Limited, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India is incorporated ⁄ constituted with the societal commitment to develop and implement quality innovations in the field of education through extensive research and development.

Education has always undergone evolution and fine tuning based on the requirements of each nation from time immemorial. Such changes can be in the content, mode of instruction and or the learning supplement used. In line with the same, National Policy on Education (1986) of India and National Curriculum frame work (2005), India has emphasized the need for a more process and activity oriented pedagogy in mathematics termed as Mathematics laboratory in schools to improve the scholastic performance of students in maths and also to eradicate the maths phobia among students. In spite of such efforts, maths lab still tends to remain more or less a concept rather than a grass root level reality.

It is in this context that, the requirement of an organization to render quality innovations in the field of education, especially Maths, Science and English, was felt and CERT Educational Research & Training (CERT) was constituted. Although CERT aims at improving the teaching and learning of all subjects from preschool to higher secondary, through a wide range of programs and activity-oriented learning processes, the present thrust would be on mathematics especially on mathematics laboratory in an effort to provide concrete learning activities/processes for the study of this abstract subject.
" CERT Educational Research & Training Pvt Ltd is a company dealing with educational projects mainly in the area of Science, Maths and Language.
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